Treatment Awareness Evening

Garry Trotter is a clinical nurse consultant who came and spoke to Pozhet clients on Friday October 18.

Thanks to Garry Trotter from RPA Hospital for leading a brilliant, informative discussion. Topics covered included:

If you want to know more about any of these topics… leave a question or comment and we’ll respond or get Garry to. Thanks!

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2 comments on “Treatment Awareness Evening”

  1. Amy Reply

    If a person is hiv+ can he have safe sex without telling the other people he has hiv?
    And if he gets infected again from another person with hiv for second time, does this make him worse or same?


    • Rachel at pozhet Reply

      Hi Amy

      Regarding your first question: The HIV Legal Centre (HALC) says: “The NSW Public Health Act requires that a person must inform a sexual partner of their HIV status before sex, unless they are taking reasonable precautions against transmission of HIV…it is likely that using condoms and lube constitute reasonable precautions”
      You can find out more here:

      And about your second question: It is possible for a person with HIV to get another strain of HIV from someone else. This is called ‘superinfection’. Superinfection can be a problem if the 2nd strain of HIV he/she gets is resistant to certain drugs. You can find out more information here:
      The chance of giving HIV to someone else is much lower if you are on HIV treatment, so HIV treatment is good for both you and your partner. Condoms are also important protection from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

      Let us know if you have any more questions.

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