Pozhet Retreat at Myuna Bay

18 people attended the Pozhet Myuna Retreat on the weekend of the 27th of September.

On Saturday it was ridiculously hot and we went canoeing on the beautiful cool Lake Macquarie. Black swans, fish and pelicans accompanied us as we paddled out despite the heat. The afternoon was sweltering so people rested, talked and some went on the Giant Swing.

During all these activities people connected with each other, sharing experiences and learning tips about living with HIV. People shared stories about dealing with secrecy, disclosure, relationships, sex, kids, work, depression, exercise, medications and how to negotiate with your doctor.

On Sunday everyone participated in a group activity run by Richard, the Social Worker from John Hunter hospital. It involved looking at how strong people felt about living with HIV and how far they have come in their journey. It was great to hear people’s experiences and get a glimpse of the struggles and triumphs, hurdles overcome and ways of living well.

Some comments about the weekend from the group:

“Rewarding and refreshing…the freedom to share is so important”

“This is our ‘other family’

“It’s good to break isolation, to know that other people living with HIV are thriving”


“Good to have contact with other straight people”

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