Website Terms of Use

Pozhet encourages people to use this website to talk about things which are important to them and to share their experiences and knowledge.  These guidelines exist to make sure this website is  safe and comfortable for everyone to use.

Some Guidelines:


  1. Make comments – we want to hear your opinion and experiences. Even a small comment or words of support can make a difference to people.
  2. Keep coming back to the site to see if anyone responds to your comment and keep the conversation going.
  3. Respect the views of others. It is OK to disagree – we want debate and to hear a variety of opinions, but we want it to be positive.
  4. Use care to protect your privacy, and the privacy of others.
  5. Report any conduct on the website that concerns you.


  1. Be a “troll”. Trolls intentionally incite or annoy. If you do this we may delete your comments.
  2. Bully, threaten, harass or intimidate anyone. You can get your point across more effectively if you are polite.
  3. Use “CAPS LOCK” (all capital letters). This can be seen as shouting and maybe offensive.
  4. Post personal information about anyone.
  5. Impersonate anyone. You can use an anonymous name or a character but you cannot intentionally use someone else’s identity.

Comments will not be published if they:

  1. Identify or reveal personal information about anyone.
  2. Defame, harass, bully, or intimidate anyone or any organisation.
  3. Are intolerant of race, gender, culture, appearance, sexual preference, religion, health (including HIV) or age.
  4. Are obscene or use inappropriate language (swear words).
  5. Are advertising or promote a commercial product.
  6. Are otherwise offensive, irrelevant, inappropriate or illegal.

How Pozhet moderates this site

Comments are scanned automatically for offensive language and spam, then manually checked by Pozhet staff to determine if the comment should be published, edited or deleted. We do require your email address to be provided when writing a comment. This is for security reasons. We will not publish your email address on the website, we will only publish the name you want used.

Pozhet will notify individuals if and why comments breach these guidelines, and reserve the right to block and/or report individuals who repeatedly ignore the Terms of Use. If you have a complaint or feedback we encourage you to let us know and we will deal with it as quickly as we can.