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Personal Stories

Colin's Story

After a lifetime of regular blood donation, Colin realised he hadn’t donated for a while and wanted to start again. He was living in Wollongong.

Dianne's Story

Committed to her community services work and maintaining family life, Dianne’s diagnosis came late in her journey.

Sanaa's Story

When she arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe in 2012, Sanaa begun forming hard, ball-shaped lumps in her underarms.

Peter's Story

When I rang my GP I knew something was wrong because I normally only got to talk to the person on the front desk.

This time, when I rang I was put straight through to the doctor…

Bill's Story

In late 2012 I suddenly became ill with a fever and body rash. In the December a blood test confirmed I had HIV. This was a shock to me as being heterosexual and not engaging in the more “risky” activities…

Susie's Story

My name is Susie. I contracted HIV 17 years ago, diagnosed 9 years ago.

I was a single mother, 30 years of age and terrified to die and leave my children behind…