HIV in Australia

The rate of newly diagnosed HIV infections in Australia has risen by 10% in 12 months – the largest increase in 20 years, a new report shows. The data is outlined in the Kirby Institute’s Australia Annual Surveillance Report, was released recently at the Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference 2013 in Darwin.

Last year, 1,253 cases of HIV were diagnosed, with unprotected sex among men the most common mode of transmission. There has been a small increase in the number of new diagnosis since 1999 when there were 719 new diagnoses.

The report shows that over the past four years, two-thirds (67%) of new HIV diagnoses have occurred among men who have sex with men, 25% were attributed to heterosexual contact and 2% to injecting drug use.

The number of new diagnoses has been gradually increasing over the past 14 years, from 719 cases in 1999.


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1 comment on “HIV in Australia”

  1. Pete Reply

    I am shocked and amazed at these numbers.
    What on earth are the organisations who are supposed to lower the rate of infections, and are funded to do this, doing?
    I think this rise in infection numbers does not include results from recent rapid HIV testing, because these test have only been introduced this year. is this correct?
    So we could be looking at even more people sentenced to a life of daily medications, side effects and other related medical conditions ( depression, muscle wastage, high cholesterol levels etc etc) and added costs to the weekly budget due to this.
    Pozhet is doing a great job of educating heterosexuals and supporting positive straights like me, but what on earth are these other organisations doing?
    Worshops on how to cruise for sex online?
    Social events at Sex on Premises venues?
    I think it’s time they got out of the cocktail bars and stopped networking to further their own careers and actually did some work.
    Or stop their funding and employ people who actually have some ideas on how to lower the rate of infections.

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