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Latest News

African Connections

Pozhet and the Lemongrove Unit organised another African Connections Day in early September. It was a great success with men and women joining together to support each other. We were lucky that the doctor who came to the first African Connections day came along again. This time we didn’t divide into men and women’s groups but all stayed together in one big mixed group. People asked all sorts of questions and Doctor Rick shared lots of information with us. It was a very supportive group and people stayed after lunch chatting in small groups. (more…)

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Inconsistent guidelines around treatment initiation

A group of international writers in AIDSJournal, including David Cooper from UNSW conclude that we do not yet have sufficiently strong evidence to recommend that antiretroviral treatment (ART) should be offered to all people with HIV, regardless of their CD4 count. A summary of the article in AIDSmap […]

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Myuna Retreat 27-29 September

Applications for the popular Pozhet Myuna Bay Retreat close on the 15th August. Myuna Bay is just south of Newcastle (near Morrisset) Please read the flyer and complete the application form and send completed forms through to us. If you have any questions please ring1800 812 404 or email us […]

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Women with HIV feel scrutinised when pregnant

A report on Aidsmap states that women living with HIV feel subjected to questioning and monitoring of their choices during pregnancy, childbirth and when they first become mothers, according to Canadian research presented to a conference in Paris this month (July 2013).

Women feel that they are not only under the gaze of medical professionals and child protection officials, but also friends and family, who sometimes take a particular interest in how a woman may be feeding her infant.

Have you had similar or different experiences? Leave a comment below..  (more…)

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