There’s more to say after R U OK? Thursday 10th September

With 2020’s rollercoaster ride of challenging circumstances, there is no better time to check in with yourself, and others, and ask R U OK? Every year, R U OK? Day reminds us all to stay connected, be supportive, and reach out if you need a helping hand.

This year’s theme of R U OK? Day is: ‘there’s more to say after R U OK?’

Starting the conversation is important, and the next steps that follow can be tricky. These four steps can help us all make a difference.

  1. Ask: R U OK?
  2. Listen: Try to be open-minded, non-judgemental and patient
  3. Encourage action: “What have you done in the past to manage similar situations?
  4. Check in: “I’ve been thinking of you and wanted to know how you’ve been going since we last chatted.”

Still lost for words? Try some of these useful tips below to keep the conversation rolling, and support others.

  • “How are you doing?”
  • “Please call if you ever want to chat”
  • “What’s something you can do for yourself right now? Something that’s enjoyable or relaxing?”
  • “When I was going through a difficult time, I tried this… You might find it useful too.”
  • “It might be useful to link in with someone who can support you. I’m happy to assist you to find the right person to talk to”


Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636

Kids Helpline
1800 55 1800


Suicide Call Back Service
1300 659 467

1800 737 732

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