Recovering from the pandemic

Whilst we’ve all had a tumultuous time the last few years, 2022 is the year to bounce back and start COVID-19 recovery. Whether you’re recovering from testing positive to COVID-19, or recovering from the mental, physical and emotional effects of lockdown, it is time to open the door and let some fresh air in.

Recovering from COVID-19

If you had COVID-19 this summer then you may know how difficult it can be returning to normal activities after being cleared from COVID-19 (minimum 7 days from your positive result). Whether you experienced mild or severe symptoms, it can take time to bounce back. Most people recover completely within a few weeks, however, everyone has a different experience in their recovery.

It is important to schedule regular appointments with your GP to discuss your symptoms and when you can return to normal activities, such as exercise.

Whilst exercise is an important part of bouncing back from COVID-19, remember to take it easy and listen to your body.

If you develop severe symptoms such as severe shortness of breath or chest pain, call triple zero (000) immediately and tell the call handler and the paramedics on arrival if you have COVID-19

Recovering from lockdown

As restrictions ease, it is time to start looking at a brighter future for 2022. Dust of those hiking shoes, ballet flats, or runners and let’s get moving. Whether it is employment, relationships, education, or social activities, the pandemic has disrupted some of the most meaningful parts of our lives; it is time to reconnect and protect our mental health.

You can start by calling a friend or attending an upcoming community event.

All the best from the Pozhet team. Stay safe!

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