Pozhet Retreat going well!

We are at the Pozhet Weekend Workshop & Retreat in a beautiful location South of Sydney. We have 15 people from all walks of life, sharing and learning about living well and connecting, being challenged and having a laugh.

We’ve done canoeing, ropes and trust exercises, had a great campfire and nice food. Everyone got their own room too.

Looking forward to connecting with you all again soon!

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5 comments on “Pozhet Retreat going well!”

  1. 1sttimer Reply

    As a new kid on the block I would highly recommend attending this program. It is reassuring, educational, and supportive to find people from all walks of life and life stages of living with HIV to give you guidance and support. Many thanks to the great work of Max & Leo and to the wonderful folk in the group. I will hopefully have the opportunity to return again.

  2. Rob Reply

    As my first experience to a Pozhet retreat I would enjoy spending more time here with the willingness to be a permanent resident, on this day that I’m leaving a nice group of people, greatly helpful activities and open willingness to improve and assist one another’s well being and personal journey of learnt experiences.

  3. New2hiv Reply

    As a newbie to HIV, I would highly recommend attending this course. The weekend is extremely well run, the information provided is relevant and crucial, the group comprised of people from all walks of life,and at life stages with HIV. I am appreciate of the wonderful people here who happily shared their experiences. Many thanks I would love to keep attending these very valuable courses.. Thank you to Leo and Max who provided wonderful leadership

  4. MrG Reply

    This weekend taught me new skills and challenges I can take into my life, and confidence in myself. The group was really friendly and the organisers are great, thankyou.

  5. Leo Reply

    Thank you for your comments 1sttimer, Rob, New2hiv and Mr G. It was an absolute privilege to have met you all and to again be given the opportunity to be part of the group with Max. The Pozhet Retreat is one of the highlights of my year. We hope that we were able to provide you all with a safe space where you were able to connect with one another and comfortable enough to share yourself with others. And ofcourse we hope you also had some fun. Many of you engaged in activities you had never attempted before, with some going well outside of your comfort zone. Well done to you all for taking risks. We trust that the learnings you took away from the weekend will remind each one of you are that you are all worthy of love and belonging and that you have much to offer the world. All the very best to you all, and thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you Pozhet for once again doing a fantastic job in putting the weekend together and to you Col for running the workshop and your invaluable lived experience in assisting us. Until we meet again, go and live your life to the fullest……Leo

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