New Pozhet factsheet about ageing and HIV

Pozhet has released a new factsheet on the importance of ageing and HIV. It is the third in a series of factsheets for people with HIV.

The HIV medications used today are very effective which means that people with HIV are living longer and healthier lives. The medications support and protect the body’s immune system and help to prevent many illnesses.

People who have HIV can live as long as people who do not have HIV. However, people with HIV may develop health problems not related to HIV, as well as other age-related health conditions at a younger age. Having a healthy lifestyle and monitoring physical and mental health can help people with HIV prevent and improve the outcome of some of these conditions. Factors such as age, the level of virus in the blood, genetic factors, lifestyle and health care, all have an impact on life expectancy and health. It is important to know there are other causes for age-related conditions and changes to lifestyle can improve these.

This factsheet shares some factual information about what is known about HIV and ageing. It also provides resources and information to support people have a healthy lifestyle and help prevent age-related conditions and improve health. The factsheet can be accessed and printed here. Click to view the factsheet

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