We have just launched our Facebook page!

Join Our Private Facebook GroupGo to Facebook and like our page to be kept up to date with the latest information affecting heterosexual people living with HIV: facebook.com/pozhetWe also have a confidential Facebook group, and that will be by private invitation only.

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3 comments on “We have just launched our Facebook page!”

  1. Andy Reply

    Hi. I’m interested in joining the Facebook group, but I’m concerned that everyone will see I’m in that group.

    Is there anything special about the privacy settings of this group that keeps it hidden? Or can you advise a way this can be achieved?

    Not everyone on my FB friends list knows about my HIV status, and I’d like to keep it that way. But I’d also like to be involved with the group. Argghhh – what a dilemma.

    • Susan at pozhet Reply

      Hi Andy
      Thanks for the comment. It is difficult to control your privacy with facebook although you can adjust your settings and limit who can view certain things. The facebook secret groups are a great option for people who want privacy. Pozhet will be organising a secret group in the near future. Membership of the group will be by invitation and members will need to be approved by Pozhet.

      Once you are a member, the link to the group will be visible to you when you log into facebook but no one visiting your profile will be able to see you are a group member.

      Content and discussions can only be seen by group members. No content discussed in the group can be shared and will not appear outside the group. (updates will not appear on personal feeds of members). If you have any comments about the planned group, let us know

  2. jewl gentry Reply

    I am looking for help in my endeavor of HIV. I am Heterosexual and there are no entities that give assistance if you are not part of the LGBT movement. Do you have a support groups in Brazil?

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