Annual Workshop recap

Positive Life NSW, in partnership with Pozhet, held an annual Workshopduring a break in the pandemic. It was for people with HIV who identify as heterosexual and was a great success. As one participant stated “The whole workshop was awesome. I loved it….”

On 5 June 2021 a combined Positive Life and Pozhet Annual Workshop was held in Ultimo. The timing was great as there was a break in COVID-19 transmission which enabled us to hold this event. People were excited to meet up on a face-to-face basis, catch up with old friends and meet new friends.
The day commenced with small group discussions which was an opportunity for people to share experiences with other people at their table. It was also a chance to share expectations and fears about the day. The Workshop was an opportunity for participants to share experiences in a safe, confidential and relaxed environment.

“I was able to interact freely without caring the person sitting behind me might hear what I am saying.”

“The whole workshop was awesome! I loved it how there was a real presence of the people who were staff pos life and staff at the other services – it makes them easy for me to contact or approach in the future.”

A popular session was the one about disclosure. It is a topic which is often discussed, particularly being asked whether you have HIV, when visiting dentists and health services. This session was facilitated by HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) and generated a lot of discussion.
HALC stated that you do not have a legal obligation to tell health workers, especially if your health issue is not relevant to HIV, although it can be in your best interest to do so. Participants also heard from a range of speakers on a variety of topics including treatments, financial planning, mindfulness and vaccine hesitancy.

Participants enjoyed the environment, views and wonderful food as well. Hopefully we will be able to have another workshop in 2022.

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