2018 in Review

Pozhet looks back on a busy year

The year began with Pozhet putting our social media campaigns and website revamp into focus, increasing our readership and our reach. The monthly Pozhet Drop-In kicked off with people getting together to chat on the first Wednesday of every month. This is a great opportunity for heterosexual people with HIV to meet and share stories over a cup of tea.

Pozhet launched our Visibility Video which was devised by the Pozhet Consumer Group and professionally developed by a local creative agency. It reached 8000 people on Facebook, with 4000 video views and lots of likes and shares from local health districts and others across all parts of NSW.

Pozhet held a Women’s Day in March International Day of Women living with HIV, with women gathering for peer support, lunch and a chat. For Men’s Health Week in June, Pozhet held a Men’s lunch at The Haven, with delicious food and recipes and information from a Dietitian from Albion Centre. The guys enjoyed a chat along with a practical cooking lesson.

7 Reasons to Test was developed in partnership with Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service and Positive Life NSW, and officially launched during HIV Testing Week this year. It was designed to educate people at risk of HIV and Pozhet provided valuable advice and input.

In September Pozhet, in partnership with SESLHD, ran the biggest ever Retreat in Myuna Bay with 4 staff and 28 clients across the state attending. It was a great success, with heterosexual people with HIV coming from all over NSW to participate in archery, canoeing, group discussions and share stories and make friends.

In November Pozhet ran its first ever Annual Workshop in Parramatta, for heterosexual people with HIV and their partners. It featured a panel discussion that focused on relationships and disclosure, treatment and service updates, men and women’s support groups. Twenty-four participants across state attended.

Throughout the year, we had lots of involvement with our Consumer Group, made up of 5 heterosexual people with HIV, from inner city and regional NSW, including 2 meetings, as well as much appreciated advice and other contributions to our program/service planning. In addition, Pozhet produced 2 newsletters for service providers and 2 newsletters for our clients in 2018.

In partnerships with local health districts and services, we ended this year with activities promoting HIV awareness to our communities during HIV/AIDS Awareness week. Pozhet cannot agree more with the key message, ‘Everybody Counts’.

It’s been a great year for us and we look forward to another productive year in 2019.

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