What you need to know about COVID-19 vaccinations

Here are some interesting news articles for people living with HIV about COVID-19 vaccinations generally, and about the rollout in Australia specifically. Have a read for yourself and Pozhet will keep you updated with information about COVID-19 vaccinations as it comes to hand.

For local information and support PositiveLife NSW has information on their website including resources (in development) to ensure that people living with HIV in NSW are informed. Have a read of their webpage: HIV and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Have COVID vaccines been tested in people with HIV?

In this article, the British HIV Association states:

There is no reason to think these vaccines will be less safe for people with HIV,” say the British HIV Association (BHIVA). “Both include some of the genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) but not the whole virus. This means they are not live vaccines and so are no less safe in people with damaged immune systems.”

Their statement referred specifically to the Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines, but this is also the case for almost all COVID-19 vaccines being tested.

I’m living with HIV and have had the COVID vaccine. This is the story of a man with HIV in the UK who was part of a COVID vaccine trial.

COVID vaccines will be recommended to almost all Australians. But are there people who can’t be immunised? This article provides information in response to this question.

The ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce on HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health recently stated:

Based on recent initial meetings alongside the National Association of People Living with HIV Australia (NAPWHA), we have received in-principle agreement from the Commonwealth that all people living with HIV including those who are incarcerated, in migrant detention centres, people here on visas and those without Medicare numbers will be prioritised to receive COVID-19 vaccines during Phases 1a and 1b of the vaccine roll-out strategy. We have received assurances that confidentiality will be a key consideration in determining exactly how this process will operate.  (Taskforce Newsletter)

Stay up to date with the Australian Government national roll-out strategy

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