What to expect

People with HIV can now live long and healthy lives, have children and have sex without passing on HIV.

HIV treatment consists of one or two pills a day, is well tolerated and reduces HIV in a person’s blood to undetectable levels. Scientific studies have consistently shown that people do not transmit HIV when their viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) is  undetectable. Their health is also improved, as the immune system can function normally.

With good information, care and support you can live well, have sex, have a career and have children. Staying in touch with your doctor and taking your pills as prescribed is important.

Plenty of things will affect your situation, like your general health, your age when you were diagnosed, and how many years you’ve had HIV before you found out. You should discuss these matters with your HIV doctor and healthcare team.

Practical information

This website deals with some of the common questions that arise for people affected by HIV. Have a read of the following pages:

Where can I go for support?

How is HIV transmitted?

Who do I have to tell?

How can I stay healthy?

Can I start a family?

You can also discuss these issues and more with Pozhet. Email or call us on freecall 1800 812 404. We can help you, your partners and family to:

  • Find a good doctor
  • Get correct and up-to-date information
  • Learn about how and when to tell others
  • Be informed about HIV and how to prevent passing it on
  • Find services that can speak your language
  • Access social workers or counsellors
  • Find contacts for legal assistance and housing
  • Attend events with other positive people