Vitamin D important for people with HIV

Pozhet Retreat March 14th - 16th BerryPeople with HIV who have good Vitamin D levels respond better to HIV treatment than  people with low Vitamin D.

Researchers from the PEARL study (Prospective Evaluation of Antiretrovirals in Resource  Limited Settings) found that people who had low Vitamin D levels had faster HIV disease  progression than those with good levels of Vitamin D. The study found that CD4 (T cell) counts were lower, and HIV progressed faster,  in people with low Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is made in the body as a result of exposure to sunlight. Dark skin absorbs less sunlight, so people with dark skin may need more sunlight. Vitamin D supplements can also help. Thirty minutes of sun exposure to the face, abdomen, legs or back – without sunscreen – at least twice a week should give you plenty of vitamin D.

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