Vanessa Wagner comments on Chin Wag…

VW and NN

I’ve been co-hosting Chinwags for over a decade and I believe the recent Pozhet “wag” was a first. And boy did it rock, with a delicious dinner, tasty refreshments and plenty of bonhomie!

What inspired was the bravery, passion and tenacity of attendees in the face of ongoing stigmatization, isolation and challenges as poz hets. The panel excelled and Nurse Nancy continued to inspire and comfort ensuring the affair was smooth sailing.

The lived experience of HIV through the heterosexual/bisexual lens can be most different from that of a gay man in NSW. Clinical competence plays a big role in shaping the HIV experience and some of the shocking stories of ignorance and discrimination made me reflect on the importance of informed, trained and educated professionals engaging with poz hets, in fact all poz people!

I can’t wait for the next one!

Vanessa Wagner


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5 comments on “Vanessa Wagner comments on Chin Wag…”

  1. Naomi Reply

    It was a great night ! Thank you all for making my first poz het get together so much fun

  2. william Reply

    This evening highlighted to me the services available for HIV positive heterosexuals. Conducted in a safe environment over a lovely meal the latest research was explained in a very simple manner. Meeting other people with this virus and seeing how they are living happy fruitful lives has reduced much of the black thoughts which constantly went around my head when I was first diagnosed. I am beginning to feel more accepting of my new situation and beginning to regain optimism about the future. This is all vital as being a father to 2 children it is important they see me as a happy dad. I have formed friendships from that evening which I feel may last many years. Talking and sharing helps us all. Thank you.

  3. Ros the Dietitian Reply

    It was great to be a part of the Chin Wag event and meet so many people committed to maintaining their health. In HIV good nutrition plays an important role in living a long and healthy life. Nourishing food really provides strength to the immune system and lessens the chance of opportunistic infections. If, however, along the way you are experiencing some discomfort with issues like diarrhoea, high cholesterol, feelings of stress which affect your appetite or wondering if fish oil or multivitamin supplementation would be of benefit to you, then seek some dietary advice. Each of us is a unique mass of cells requiring individual assessment.

  4. Nurse Nancy Reply

    What a great night! It was an honour to participate in the first all pozhet Chinwag – quite a milestone after a decade of wagging. And Like Vanessa, I was really shocked & saddened by some of the stories we heard about some of the issues with health and support services for poz people – NOT ok in 2013. Here’s to a future full of friendship, people power, partying, and shaking up prejudice.

  5. Olivia Reply

    Chin Wag was a great night. I found it very informative and empowering. I feel that the guest speakers were knowledgable and sensitive to the topics of discussion. Would definitely be a return guest for the next one

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