The Women’s Edition – Talkabout

The next edition of Talkabout invites women living with HIV (including trans and gender diverse women) or partners of women living with HIV to share your stories, observations, and thoughts about living with HIV.

Be part of this Talkabout Online edition, share your story and celebrate our resilience as women living with HIV.

  • Disclose or not to disclose or how to decide?
  • Share your story of love, sex, working, not working – any story about living with HIV as a woman.
  • How does the #MeToo movement impact women living with HIV? Share your story of the intersection of body image, violence, harassment, women’s reproductive rights, gender diversity, racism or language barriers.
  • How do you manage ignorance in your community? Do you challenge it or do you have other strategies to negotiate and challenge these attitudes and behaviours? Your story and tips can help other women, and educate others about how to treat women living with HIV.
  • Share your stories of resilience and how you maintain self-determination and self-esteem as a woman living with HIV.

If you’re uncomfortable using your own name, you can write using a pseudonym (a fictitious name) instead. We can help you edit your story so any identifying details are changed. Positive Women – we support you!

Deadline: 5pm Monday 25 February 2019

If you would like to write for this edition of Talkabout and have questions, please call Bella on (02) 9206-2177 or email or follow this link.

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