Pozhet Women’s Day in March

Pozhet Women's Day March 2014

On Saturday March 8 Pozhet held a day for women living with HIV and women partners of positive men. It was a fun day, with tips on health and exercise and included a delicious healthy lunch!   Dimi Harpas, an experienced Dietitian, gave a presentation about healthy eating…

  1. Aim for a balance of protein, carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables: i.e. at mealtimes, try dividing your plate into half a plate of vegetables, one quarter carbohydrate and one quarter protein
  2. Get your protein from lean meats, fish, chicken, eggs, legumes and nuts
  3. Get your carbohydrates from wholegrains (which are low GI), brown rice, legumes, fruits and vegetables
  4. Aim for four serves of wholegrains per day, two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables.
  5. Include some dairy in your diet to keep you fuller for longer and for calcium e.g natural yoghurt
  6. Snack on healthy foods between meals, such as nuts, fruit and yoghurt
  7. Limit foods with excessive sugar (aim for less than 10%, i.e. less than 10g per 100g)
  8. Choose low-fat options when possible (aim for less than 10%, i.e. less than 10g per 100g)
  9. Allow yourself treats occasionally
  10.  Try to eat fresh food as much as possible, and limit overly processed foods
  11.  Eat slowly, listen to your appetite and enjoy your food!

What kind of things do you do to stay healthy?   Share your tips with others by posting a comment…

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