Pozhet Retreat goes well!

Pozhet Workshop and Weekend Retreat

Pozhet held our spring Retreat a few hours north of Sydney on the 17th – 19th November. Participants came from all over NSW to spend time together in a private rural setting, to make friends and to support each other. Living in rural communities or in cities where not many people know about HIV is an issue for all our participants. Isolation affects many HIV positive heterosexuals, so it was great for people to connect and share stories. There were equal numbers of men and women and we all enjoyed Canoeing, had great fun with Archery and saw a Green Sea Turtle on our lake walk!

Stay tuned for Pozhet’s next Retreat in the New Year. It really is a worthwhile experience.

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6 comments on “Pozhet Retreat goes well!”

  1. Govinda Reply

    Had a great time on the retreat. Met many new people and got a load of new info on living with hiv. Loved it. Enjoyed canoeing and archery activities. Brilliant way to engage and develope friendships. Loved poz het facilitators and their workshops. Big thanks for letting us participating.

  2. Geoff Reply

    Hi, I had the great opportunity to be part of the Myuna Bay retreat on Nov 17-19. A welcoming atmosphere with a good balance of group time and personal space. Group workshops were a good time to learn from each other’s experiences and get new information about “how to” and “what if” as well as new facts. Canoeing was a relaxing paddle around the lake and archery was fun and challenging. I met and made old and new friends to keep in touch with. Thank you everyone who went, organisers and participants, for a great weekend.
    P.S. The food was also good.

  3. Alice Reply

    I really enjoyed the retreat and got a great deal out of the group discussions. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and we shared a lot of laughter – thank you all!!! The kayaking and archery were great fun and the food was fresh and yummy. It was good to have some free time as well as more structured discussions. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of attending. Big thanks to the facilitators and Pozhet for making it possible.

  4. Chris Reply

    When is the next one. I was lucky to be accepted to participate in the Pozhet Retreat. It was really good to catch up with old friends and its always nice to meet and make new friends.
    I have been to retreats before and this one was “one of the best”. I met some wonderful new people and hope to catch up with them again. Hats off to the organisers. Everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and had lots of laughs. It was a very happy group of people. Thanks for making it an enjoyable retreat. Cheers

  5. deb Reply

    first off thank you to the organizers for a really relaxing weekend.
    my thoughts come to all the different personalities and countries we were from..of course now based in Australia.
    some great stories told with lots of fun.
    by the first morning it was like our little family.
    I left with information I did not know and hope that things may get better..
    so thank you for taking me along.

  6. Richard Riley Reply

    Great to see the comments from people who went along to the weekend talking about relaxation, getting new information, and feeling that sense of family. For me one of the things that stood out was how the 10 or so people coming along for the first time were able to feel comfortable so quickly because of the welcomes and listening from the other participants. These weekends always show me how valuable it is for people who may be isolated by privacy reasons or by where they live, to connect with peers and feel part of a community or family. Thanks to all who gave something of themselves for the benefit of others. Wonderful!
    Richard, co-facilitator

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