Pozhet Retreat

We are just finishing up another great weekend at the Pozhet Retreat for heterosexual men and women with HIV and partners. 22 people (including the 2 facilitators) participated and included people from acrosss NSW. Have a read of some of the comments below. Contact Pozhet if you are interested in attending a similar weekend next year.

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6 comments on “Pozhet Retreat”

  1. Geoff Reply

    Very good weekend, good catching up with old friends &making new ones. Great to see new faces
    It’s a pity that not all people who applied could attend.
    Thanks to the facilitators, thanks to the attendees for great weekend.

    • Susan at pozhet Reply

      Thanks Geoff
      We will try to make sure that those who missed out this time get to come along next time!

  2. kelly Reply

    At the retreat this year there was a larger group than usual and new people and the oldies all came together to create some memories with the newbies which will last a lifetime.
    It was one of the most memorable of all the retreats for me I had the opportunity to more closely bond with old friends and new as we shared so much of ourselves without fear of judgement. We made the most of those couple of days so much so that we went home and continued it for another night as well. We didnt want it to end.
    Susan and Richard are both awesome.. the best support we could ask for at all times.. some people begin the retreat scared and teary but they are supported and encouraged so that by the end the the tears are because we dont want to go home from the retreat .
    Retreats are the ideal opportunity for anyone who hasn’t been to anything for support, to come along and make new friends.. eat well and have fun. We are all in the same boat.. Just at different parts of the journey and we would love to meet you and make some special memories together.. just as we have done at the retreat this year.
    I have been attending these retreats for years and depend on them for good mental health.. coming along is invaluable..hope to see you all next year
    Cheers Kelz

    • Susan at pozhet Reply

      Thanks Kelz for your thoughtful and generous comments. I agree it was a memorable weekend and it is always rewarding to see such a large group of people share experiences and support each other. The more experienced peers look after the “newbies” and show that the retreat is not just about the individual but about being part of the group. I think every single one of us learned something from participating.

  3. sasha Reply

    this retreat was amazing and refreshing. i didn’t realise i had a big family, big brothers , big sisters who looked after me throughout. the connection we all had this time was like we had known each other for ages which was really good especially for the newbies they didn’t feel out of place and always had someone to chat with. i didn’t want it to end it was beautiful. thanks to Susan and Richard for everything , you guys kept us going each day.
    to all those that are afraid to come , don’t be you will meet great people ,no one will judge you and you will have lots of fun.

    • Susan at pozhet Reply

      Thanks Sasha for your comments! It is great to see more younger people coming along. Glad you came and helped to create a lively environment on the weekend.

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