Pozhet Connect – a secret Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group – Pozhet Connect

Pozhet ConnectOur Facebook group, Pozhet Connect, is a secret and confidential space you can join to view comments, videos or pictures and have discussions with us or other Pozhet members. You will need to ask to be become a member before you can view and add your posts. We will only authorise you if you are a member of Pozhet. This means the Pozhet Facebook group cannot be viewed by non-members, nor can anyone see that you are a member.

If you would like to participate, Pozhet will send you the Group guidelines and include an explanation about how to join. Currently people need to be registered with Pozhet to participate. If you are not registered with Pozhet and would like to join or have more questions, we encourage you to contact us. Email pozhet@pozhet.org.au or call 1800 812 404.

You can read Facebook’s policy on secret groups for more information.

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