Pozhet Annual Workshop

The Pozhet Annual Workshop is for people living with HIV, their partners and family members. It was held on the 29th November at Redfern Health Centre at 9.30 am. The program for the day includes workshops, small groups and lots of information. Presentations from the day and discussions about the day will be accessible in this space soon after the Workshop  For more information and to RSVP email pozhet@pozhet.org.au or ring 1800 812 404. If you attended let us know what you thought of the day! Leave your comment below.

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1 comment on “Pozhet Annual Workshop”

  1. Sash Reply

    The workshop was good. It was different from every other event I a have attended. This was so educational it helped me understand a couple of topics that I battled to understand myself. Before I even asked a question it would have been answered

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