Pozhet Annual Workshop – What a great day!

A big hello and thankyou to all who attended the Pozhet Annual Workshop on Saturday 23rd of November.

It was great to see so many people of all ages, including a gorgeous baby who gurgled contentedly throughout the day. 30 people attended, with Sydneysiders meeting people from South and North of NSW who came as part of Pozhet’s Accommodation Scholarship which supports regional people to attend this Sydney event.

The day began with a presentation from HALC, the HIV Legal Centre, who spoke about changes to the disclosure laws in NSW, sex, employment, insurance, discrimination, privacy and medical care. It was an open discussion, with people sharing stories and asking the solicitors questions. www.halc.org.au

After lunch there was a forum on Disclosure, with Pozhet staff acting out role plays of disclosure which sparked discussion and debate…when to disclose, why, and why not. Lots of useful tips and advice were offered by people with real experiences of disclosure.

Next we broke into Men’s and Women’s groups, where people spoke about personal things and drew up an important list of tips for taking care of yourself, and things they have learnt about living with HIV.

What a great bunch of people, some with many years experience of living with HIV, and some with only a few weeks.

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2 comments on “Pozhet Annual Workshop – What a great day!”

  1. Dianne Nyoni Reply

    What a wonderful day it was with many warm connections and a buzz of smiling warm faces! Thank you Pozhet for putting on a much needed and refreshing event that brings us together.

    • Rachel at Pozhet Reply

      Thanks Di! It was great to have you there sharing your insights as always. Looking forward to the next event.

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