NSW HIV update for 2014

Many Pozhet participants have said they want to know more about the numbers of heterosexual men and women with HIV – so here is a brief summary from the NSW Ministry of Health/Ending HIV website – Annual Data report 2014. There were 346 new diagnoses in NSW in 2014, 272 (79%) reported being men who have sex with men (MSM), 50 (14%) reported acquiring HIV through heterosexual sex and 8 (2%) reported being a person who injected drugs. (Annual Data Report 2014)

Almost half (22)of the 50 people who reported heterosexual transmission were diagnosed by a non S100 GP  and 17 of the 50 were diagnosed in hospital. 25 females were newly diagnosed in NSW in 2014.

If you want to keep up with NSW data keep an eye on the NSW Health Ending HIV webpages

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