Men’s survey

 Are you are straight male with HIV or a male partner of a positive woman who lives in NSW. We want to hear what you have to say about services for men at Pozhet.  Help us improve services by completing the following survey before Monday 30th March. Open survey here to participate.

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2 comments on “Men’s survey”

  1. Pete Reply

    Good to see you are including positive men in your work. It is hard being single positive and straight when most of the information I find is on women families and gay guys.

    • Susan at pozhet Reply

      Thanks for the comment Pete. I agree – straight men are often forgotten when services talk about HIV. Pozhet has about 50% males on the mailing list. Men also form a large percentage of the attendance at events (except for the women’s days of course). Pozhet tries to include gender specific groups as part of all the mixed activities and the groups for men are always popular.

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