Men’s Health Week (15-21 June 2020)

Celebrating Men’s Health Week 2020, amongst the hustle and bustle of COVID-19 – an opportunity for communities to hold online activities to promote the health & wellbeing of men of all ages!

Men’s Health Week provides a platform to discuss, acknowledge, raise awareness, and contribute to improving the health outcomes for men, representing all communities.  This year’s theme is Working Together for Men’s Health – preventing suicide together.

Men account for 6 out of 8 suicides every day in Australia.  This year there is a call for action across the sector and whole of community, regardless of race, gender or community to improve men’s health.  Everyone has a role to play in creating a supportive environment which enables positive changes to men’s health and wellbeing outcomes.

A few practical tips for acknowledging and supporting Men’s Health Week are:

  • reaching out to men through community events and your organisations.
  • posting messages on community websites and social media sites
  • raising awareness in the community about the state of men’s health
  • planning men’s health initiatives with other services

If you need resources and facts to support your activities for Men’s Health Week you can access some of the websites below. They provide facts about men’s health and resources such as posters and videos which can be used on social media.

Useful workforce links:

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