Have a say about the new Pozhet website

Pozhet EventThis website is new and we will be formally launching it in the near future. If you have any feedback or would like to ask questions or share your stories or thoughts please leave a comment. You can send your story to pozhet@pozhet.org.au.

How do you like the website? What sort of information would you like to see added? Have you found a good link which you would like to share with other people?

please leave your comments below!

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5 comments on “Have a say about the new Pozhet website”

  1. Dianne Nyoni Reply

    Wow love the new look website, so great to see a great place for information, referrals and ways to connect. Thank you Pozhet!

  2. Susan at pozhet Reply

    Thanks Michael,

    Great to hear from you and thanks for the feedback


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