Framework for NSW Sexual Health Services responding to COVID-19

For those working in NSW Sexual Health Services, you would now be aware that NSW STI Programs Unit (STIPU) and representatives from the Directors and Nurses Leadership Groups have developed a Framework for NSW Sexual Health Services responding to COVID-19.

This framework for NSW Sexual Health Service service delivery also includes an appendix which is a guide to managing clinical care in NSW sexual health services during different levels of service restriction. This framework aims to provide consensus with contingency planning, collective responses and shared priorities during these times. This framework allows services to adapt to changing environments but still maintain services to priority populations while ensuring safety measures are in place for both clients and staff.

The key objectives are to support NSW Sexual Health Services to:

  • implement social distancing measures within clinical service delivery
  • continue to deliver and adapt essential sexual health services to key priority populations to maintain STI control in NSW
  • develop and maintain a business continuity framework
  • assist with communicating with clients, community based organisations and services about potential adaptations to models of care

The appendix provides a guide to clinical care for different levels of service restriction during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is essential that all sexual health services maintain good communication with their clients and community organisations to ensure that there is clear understanding about service availability and changes to models of care.


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