Monthly Archives: February 2019

HIV Futures 9

HIV Futures 9 is a survey about the quality of life of people living with HIV in Australia.

This is a survey about health, treatments, work, finances, sex and relationships of people living with HIV.  The survey will be open until 30th April 2019. This is the most influential and important study of people living with HIV in Australia. (more…)

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RISE Study

Recently diagnosed with HIV? The RISE Study would like to hear from you. RISE is exploring people’s experiences of being diagnosed with HIV and the changes in their lives following their diagnosis. We want to understand the impact of accessing HIV support services on people’s […]

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The Women’s Edition – Talkabout

The next edition of Talkabout invites women living with HIV (including trans and gender diverse women) or partners of women living with HIV to share your stories, observations, and thoughts about living with HIV.

Be part of this Talkabout Online edition, share your story and celebrate our resilience as women living with HIV.

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