Monthly Archives: June 2016

Pozhet Connect – a secret Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group – Pozhet Connect

Pozhet ConnectOur Facebook group, Pozhet Connect, is a secret and confidential space you can join to view comments, videos or pictures and have discussions with us or other Pozhet members. You will need to ask to be become a member before you can view and add your posts. (more…)

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Torque – dealing with your diagnosis

TORQUE is a new program from Positive Life NSW for people who have just been diagnosed with HIV. It is a two hour monthly evening program for people to talk about their diagnosis, ask questions, get connected with services and meet others going through the same […]

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Helping End HIV Transmission

In Australia about 15% of people diagnosed with HIV report heterosexual transmission. We know that almost half of this group are diagnosed with HIV late which means there is a high rate of men and women who do not know they have contracted HIV. The […]

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