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Who We Are

Pozhet began in 1993 as a small, volunteer-run organisation. As a result of the commitment and dedication of key members and staff, Pozhet is now a state-wide service funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and hosted by Sydney Local Health District. It is located at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown campus in Sydney and managed by the HIV and Related Programs Unit, Population Health.

Pozhet works with:

  • Heterosexual people at risk of HIV
  • Heterosexual people living with HIV
  • Health professionals

For heterosexual people at risk of HIV, Pozhet offers news and information about HIV, including the latest on testing and prevention. We also deliver campaigns encouraging people to consider their risk of HIV and how they can reduce the chance of acquisition.

For heterosexual people living with HIV, Pozhet offers information, support and referral to key services. We also create opportunities for heterosexual people living with HIV to meet each other and share their stories and experiences.

For health professionals, Pozhet offers advocacy, advice and training to support services to work better with heterosexual PLHIV.

Pozhet Consumer Group
To ensure Pozhet’s work reflects the needs of heterosexual people living with HIV, we regularly meet with a small group of dedicated consumers who provide feedback and suggestions on what we do. The group is made up from our clients – heterosexual men and women living with HIV in NSW as well as their partners.