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Our resources are listed here for viewing, they are in pdf format only, word document versions will be added soon. Clicking the link will open the pdf in the same tab, or right click the link to open up the document in a new tab or window.


babyHaving a Baby

a guide for HIV positive women, men and their partners

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Viewable version  (480KB 22 pages)


lifeLife, Loving and HIV

a heterosexual’s guide to serodiscordant relationships

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Changing Lives - A resource for heterosexual people living with HIVChanging Lives

Changing Lives – Introduction
Changing Lives – Positive Men
Changing Lives – Positive Women
Changing Lives – Couples
Changing Lives – Partners
Changing Lives – Telling Others
Changing Lives – Family Matters
Changing Lives – HIV Illness
Changing Lives – Talking Treatments
Changing Lives – Tips For Living Well
Changing Lives – Getting Support
Changing Lives – The Complete Resource








Sex Matters A – ZSex Matters A-Z





STI Chart
Straightpoz Study 1
Straightpoz Study 2
Peer Support
Serosilence and Serosharing
Get It Straight
Telling Others
Tips For Living Well
Looking After Yourself
HIV Medications Dosage Chart