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Latest News

Summertime PEP talk

All the tell tale signs of the holiday season are upon us: the days are longer, the weather is starting to warm and the Christmas trees have been in the Myer window for over a month!  For many of us summer bring more socialising and a little overindulging. (more…)

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An easier way to pick up your medications

alt text for the featured imagePicking up your HIV medications could become easier for you by accessing the Enhanced Medication Access (EMA). This is a new scheme in New South Wales which supports eligible people to pick up meds from home, work or community pharmacies. It is available in metro and regional NSW. (more…)

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HIV Futures 6

RedBalloonA report from the HIV Futures Six survey detailing the experiences of women living with HIV/AIDS specifically is now available.

The key findings of this brief report include:

  • Women living with HIV/AIDS report a high degree of satisfaction with their health, with almost three quarters of women living with HIV/AIDS (71.1%) rating their health as good or excellent. However, a lower proportion of women (56.8%) rate their general well-being as good or excellent.
  • Mental health issues remain an area of concern for women living with HIV/AIDS, with 41.9% of women having been diagnosed with a mental health condition (predominantly depression) and a high proportion of women taking medication for depression and anxiety.
  • Women living with HIV/AIDS continue to experience a high degree of difficulty meeting the costs of daily living with 49.6% of women living below the poverty line. Consistent with this finding, women were more likely than men living with HIV/AIDS to use the financial assistance services provided by HIV/AIDS organisations.


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The Seroconversion study

Any men or women living in Australia who are over 18 years of age and who have recently been diagnosed with HIV are eligible to participate in this study. “Recently” means a diagnosis anytime in the last 5 years, but preferably within the last two […]

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