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Healthy Living

Like many chronic manageable (long term) health conditions, HIV presents an opportunity to look after yourself better and to re-focus your mindset and physical health. Find out how to develop or maintain a healthy, fulfilling sex life and, if you are starting a relationship, or plan to have children

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Prevention PrEP stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP is an antiretroviral medication that is taken by HIV negative people to prevent HIV infection.

Studies from around the world have shown that if taken daily, PrEP works

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Treatment HIV is treated with antiretroviral therapy (ART). Most treatments require you to take one or two tablets a day. There are different medication options and you should work with your HIV doctor to find the right one for you.

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NSW Dried Blood Spot (DBS) HIV Test This HIV home testing kit, the Dried Blood Spot (DBS) HIV Test, makes testing easy, reliable and convenient by allowing individuals to order a free self-sampling kit online. People are able to take their own sample in the privacy of their homes and send it to a laboratory for testing and results management.


Becoming a parent

There are effective options for couples wanting a baby if you or your partner has HIV. With HIV medications and technology, it is possible to prevent HIV passing between men and women when trying to fall pregnant. Also, with medical management and following guidelines, such as being on HIV treatment and not breast feeding, the chances of an HIV-positive female passing the virus to her baby are extremely low.


When one partner is negative Many HIV-negative men and women have relationships with HIV-positive people. The technical term for this is a serodiscordant relationship. Some people talk about ‘pozneg’ or ‘magnetic’ couples. There are many such couples enjoying successful long-term relationships. The person without HIV can stay negative, and both partners can enjoy all the things other couples do – including having sex.

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New Beginnings

What to Expect

Where Can I Go for Support

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