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Category Archives: HIV Prevention

Travel Tips

Every year, Australians get HIV through sex while travelling overseas In 2017, there were 119 cases of HIV in NSW where the person got the infection overseas. These cases include a broad range of people – men, women, straight, gay, Australian-born and overseas-born. Experienced travellers may be at greater risk Researchers say those contracting HIV […]

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PEP and PrEP

PEP PEP (Post-exposure prophylaxis) is a 4-week course of anti-HIV medication that is shown to be effective in preventing HIV infection if started within 72 hours of exposure. The key to PEP is accessing it as soon as possible after you think you may have been exposed to HIV. PEP is most effective within up […]

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What is PEP? PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis) is a 4 week course of medication which prevents HIV. A prophylaxis is something which prevents the spread of an infection or disease. PEP needs to be taken 72 hours after the potential exposure to HIV. PEP stops HIV from replicating and establishing itself in your body. Who […]

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HIV Home Testing

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) HIV Testing Kit The HIV home testing kit makes testing easy, reliable and convenient by allowing you to order a free kit online and take the test in the privacy of your home. View the video here

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